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About Us
In 2009, one of our founder's son lost his Nintendo DS along with over 10 games. This was over $750 in games. About 2 months later, our other founder, was surprised to find that his daughter had lost her new cell phone.

One month later, while in an airport, Our founder found two cell phones left behind by their owners as well as a sweatshirt. Upon delivering the items to Security, he was advised that it is unlikely they would be claimed, followed by this statement, "If we only knew how to contact the owner we would".

After socializing the concept with others, it became clear that people are naturally compelled to return "found" items if it is clear who the owner is; regardless of the value of the item.

To test this theory, the myOwner founders bought many used iPods and cell phones and distributed them around the Minneapolis and Los Angeles areas (parks, libraries, airports, hotel lobbies, etc.). 92.5% of the items were voluntarily returned to myOwner.

Our founders decided that there was an opportunity to help multiple parties.
  • Owners: an opportunity to discreetly identify their valuable items for easy identification and return.  A confidential online inventory of their owned items to ensure accurate claims if there is ever a disaster (fire, flood, etc.). Remote access to details on ones belongings.
  • Finders: an easy way to find and connect with owners quickly with little effort
  • Major customer centers (airports, malls, hospitals, etc.):  a way in which to return "found" items and reduce warehouse space.
  • Insurance companies: a reduction in claims as more lost items are recovered which should lead to a reduction in rates as there are fewer claims
  • Law Enforcement: Reduce crime by reducing the ability to resell stolen property
The goal of is to become the largest, confidential, personal inventory in the world and enable more than 80% of lost items to be returned to their rightful owner. We trust in the power of good people doing great things.